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Half day session

WS 1: Approach to investigate Pathophysiology of Bleeding disorders (Click here for details)

WS 2: Exercise physiology (Click here for details)

WS 3: Animal models in Neurophysiology – To study behavior & neurodegeneration (Click here for details)

WS 4: Multi-parametric non-invasive assessment of vascular functions (Click Here for Details)

WS 5: Non-invasive neurophysiology and neuromodulation approaches – Role of Clinical physiologists (Click Here for Details of the Workshop)

Full day session

WS 6: Advancements in Regenerative Medicine – Stem cell research studies (Click here for Details)

WS 7: EEG and ERP-recording and analysis (Click Here for Details)

WS 8: Investigating and improving Antimicrobial Use (Click here for details)

WS 9: Basic techniques of molecular biology-cDNA synthesis, PCR analysis and Bioinformatics (Click here for details)

WS 10: Basic techniques in histology and immunohistology for research on plant based extracts (Click Here for Details)

WS 11: Research in Obesity – Dr. SK Singh sponsored workshop for undergraduate medical students. (Click here for more)


·         Participants can OPT ONLY for ONE workshop.

·         Due to LIMITED NUMBER OF SLOTS, the allotment will be strictly done on first come first served basis.