APPI Young Investigator Development Workshop – Obesity Research

(An initiative by Prof. S.K. Singh)


From this year APPI launches two one day workshops to attract Ist Professional Medical students to pursue research in Physiology. This “APPI Young Investigator Development Programme” is an initiative  by Prof. Sushil Kumar Singh, from Karamsad, Gujarat. This year’s workshop is aimed at popularizing research in life style disorders like obesity and sleep disorder. Some colleges have late new admissions.  In such situation we encourage applications from newly passed First professional students.

The workshop on ‘Sleep Research’ will be held on 21/9/2018 at International Centre Goa during IndiaSleep2018.

The workshop on Obesity research will be held on November 28, 2018 at Manipal during APPICON 2018.

25 students (10 from all over India and 15 from local medical colleges) will be enrolled in each workshop. Ten students selected from outside local medical colleges will be paid train  fare and stay for two nights at Goa/ Manipal.

APPI Young Investigator Development Workshop 

Obesity Research – November 28, 2018

(Kasturba Medical College & Melaka Manipal Medical College, Manipal, Karnataka)

Back ground This workshop is the vision and initiative of Prof S K Singh, eminent physiologist   from Anand, Gujarat specifically aimed to attract First Professional MBBS students to carry out research in Obesity
Session I: Introduction
8.00-9.00 Registration and Breakfast- Venue MMMC, Manipal
        Workshop venue: Demonstration room 3, Dept of Physiology, KMC Manipal
0900-0945 Overview of the workshop Dr Ramji Singh
0945-1030 What is Obesity and Who is at Risk? Dr K K Deepak
1030-1100 “Complex biology of a simple lipid – Role in obesity”. Dr Gopal Marathe
1100-1130 High Tea
Session II: Obesity mechanism and treatment
1130-1200 “Lateral hypothalamic area revisited” Dr H N Mallick
1200 -1230 Obesity and your heart Dr Sanjeev Kumar
1230-1300 Prevention and treatment options Dr Raj Kumar Yadav
1300-1345 Lunch
Session III: Hands on activities & training
1345-1545 BMI, Body composition analysis etc Dr Raj Kumar Yadav & Manipal Faculty
1545-1600 Tea
Session IV


Question – answer session All faculty
1630-1700 Concluding remarks Dr Ramji Singh

Please click here for list of students selected for this workshop.