Umesh Prabhu

Patient Safety

Dr Umesh Prabhu – MBBS, DCH (India), DCH (London}, MRCPCH (London)

Dr Umesh Prabhu is Currently working as Medical Adviser for Edgehill University for international medical recruitment, Patron of AvMA (Charity which helps patients who have suffered due to ‘Medical Negligence), also Member of Patient Safety Advisory committee of Datix.

After his graduation in India Dr Prabhu came to the UK in 1982. He then trained in Paediatrics at Oxford, Edinburgh and Leeds and in 1992 was appointed as a Consultant Paediatrician to the Bury NHS Trust. In 1998 he was appointed as the Medical Director of Bury Trust. He was a Non-executive member of the UK National Patient Safety Agency from 2001-2003.

His special interest is medical errors and patient safety. He was a National Adviser to the National Clinical Assessment Service of UK from 2003 to 2015. He also held the post of Medical Director of Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh FT, Greater Manchester, UK from 2010 to 2017.

Dr Prabhu has personal experience in the field of patient safety and medical errors and is a passionate believer that protecting patients and supporting doctors are two sides of the same coin.

Following my own mistake in 1992, he developed a keen interest in patient safety, quality and why doctors make mistakes.

Over the past 25 years or so he has done lot of work on patient safety, medical errors, clinical governance, why doctors make mistakes, professional regulation, organizational governance, culture, leadership and institutional racism, subconscious bias and so on.

He has given more than 200 lectures and conducted many workshops for doctors nationally and internationally on patient safety, quality, why doctors make mistakes, professional regulation, value-based leadership, clinical governance and so on and advised and helped more than 500 doctors, mostly Indian doctors in UK.

With the help of CEO Mr Andrew Foster and the Board and excellent staff  he helped transform the Trust and reduced harm to patients by 90% and the Trust received 45 awards and 450 less patients die each year and all quality measurements have improved. Complaints reduced by 35%.

For staff happiness, the Trust was bottom 20% in 2011 and by 2016 the Trust became the third best Trust in the country!
Financially the Trust has been stable. The Trust has 300 patient safety champions and excellent governance.

In 2015, CQC Board invited Dr. Umesh and Mr Foster to give a presentation to the Board and this is the link to that presentation.

He has to his credits a number of papers on patient safety and received many awards, a few listed below.


  • In 2016 – Received Life time award for patient safety work
  • In 2015 Mr Simon Stevens, CEO of NHS invited me to join him to celebrate her Majesty the Queens 90th Birthday for my contribution to patient safety, medical leadership and to NHS.
  • In 2014 and 2015 – Twice awarded one of the top 50 pioneering BME leaders of NHS
  • In 2014 – Received life time award for most successful Indian leader of NHS by BAPIO (British Association of Physician of Indian origin)
  • In 2003 – Received Fellowship of British International Doctors Association of UK

Lectures in 2017

  1. Chaired and delivered a lecture in Manchester June 2017 – Patient safety in Anaesthesia
  2. Delivered a lecture on impact of racism and patient safety and staff well-being June 2017 in Bradford University, Bradford.
  3. Patient safety in Acute Medicine June 2017 in Salford University
  4. Patient safety and professionalism London in May 2017
  5. Chaired a Conference and delivered lecture on ‘Reducing brain damage in babies’ March 2017 – In Manchester
  6. Patient safety in Elderly care and ‘Falls reduction’ – May 2017 in London
  7. Patient safety in Primary care – Chaired the conference in February 2017 in London
  8. Importance of governance and accountability to improve patient safety and quality
  9. Staff engagement and staff happiness and its impact on patient safety and quality
  10. Effective Clinical Director – September 2017 in London


  1. A chapter in the book Why Hospitals Fail. (June 2017)
  2. Values, Culture, Leadership and Governance. (Upcoming)
  3. Why do doctors harm patients and how to protect patients? (Upcoming)
  4. 22 Angels – Story of 22 children who have died in NHS where I have given expert opinion or advice. (Upcoming)

Dr. Umesh has an aim to  to make healthcare safest and the best and affordable by and for everyone. Health is the wealth of the nation and hence it is important to make sure people get the best and safest healthcare.

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